Condoms work hard to keep you and your partner safe, but are you protecting them in return? Keeping condoms just anywhere— a cluttered dresser drawer, your pocket or purse—puts them at risk for tearing or drying out.

Pottery magnate Jonathan Adler offers a bedside solution with his line of high-end condom caddies ($55,, available in white porcelain or brown stoneware.

“Though we know condoms are vital to safe sex, they [can] have a bit of an embarrassing air about them,” says company spokesperson John Ehlers. “Keeping them in an attractive vessel takes the fumbling around [and embarrassment] out of the equation.”

A stainless steel alternative is the spring-loaded Philippi condom dispenser ($38, For a more portable and affordable option, try Condomania’s condom compacts ($4.95, Available in a variety of colors, each compact holds two condoms.