Flirting is always fun. The latest iPhone update included a slew of new emojis that make your sexting a lot friskier. Hotdogs and joysticks can now compete with eggplants and bananas for your phallic entertainment.

There’s just one problem: There’s no clear way to convey safer sex. That’s why we need a condom emoji. Luckily, as Mashable reports, the folks at condom-manufacturer Durex launched a campaign called #CondomEmoji to get a condom added to our phone’s official library of emojis.

Timed with World AIDS Day, December 1, the effort aims to convince the Unicode Consortium—the nonprofit group that standardizes the emojis, among other things—to create a condom icon.

According to a Durex survey, a third of people ages 16 to 25 claim to not care much about safe sex, and say they don’t view HIV as a realistic threat. What’s more, 80 percent of young people were more comfortable talking about sex through emojis.

An official condom emoji on every single phone would help add safe sex to the global conversation. You can make that happen by using the hashtag #CondomEmoji on social media and get the word out.

Durex even created a clever video to promote the campaign.

Watch it below and you’ll be left with a smiley face.

The Durex campaign would add a condom emoji to everyone’s phone.