Heterosexual males who complain of erection troubles when using condoms are more likely to have generalized erectile dysfunction (ED) than those who do not have such a problem with latex. Publishing their findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers recruited 479 heterosexual men through the Internet to complete the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) and answer other questions about sex and condom use during the previous three months.

A total of 38 percent of the men had no condom-related erectile problems, while 14 percent experienced such difficulties when putting on a condom, 16 percent did so during vaginal intercourse, and 32 percent did so during both condom application and intercourse.

Men who reported any form of condom-related erectile difficulty were more likely to have more generalized ED than those reporting no condom problems.

The researchers concluded: “Clinicians should assess whether men using condoms experience [condom-associated erection problems] and, where appropriate, refer for psychosexual therapy or provide condom skills education.”

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