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Condoms Don’t Feel Good, So Don’t Use Them, Says Philippines President

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Oops, sorry, I made a big typo in my previous post here because my text size isn't big enough to easily see. I meant, of course, that Philippines healthcare is still poor and that maternity mortality there has declined there only because condoms use has reduced the number of pregnancies there that there otherwise would have been. Over use of the word there here. But hey!

February 26, 2018 UK


This article is false and misleading. You are taking his remarks out of context and as a gay POZ man I find it repugnant that you are doing the same thing the alt right is doing to further your agenda. I’m married to Filipino man who translated this video and explained to me the context in which the speech was given. Your editors need to do the same. Shame on you

February 22, 2018 Ft Lauderdale


I suggest his comment is just macho bravado... He is full of it... He's not bothered that condoms are against Catholic teaching... He just wants to appear macho, straight, manly and strong... That sums him up I think... What a strange thing for a President to say though! As for condoms use decreasing the maternity mortality rate in the Philippines, I think that's only because more pregnancies means less deaths in pregnancy. Philippines healthcare hasn't improved.

February 21, 2018 UK


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