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New Law Endangers Healthcare Of HIV Patients

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The bottom line is - if you decide to work in health care or a health care related field, you need to understand that medicine is about taking care of people and their needs, not judging them. If you can't do this, stay out of health care.

December 24, 2008 Atlanta


Any health care worker that refuses to care for a HIV patient(especially a nurse)is not a true professional, and needs further education. I am a retired nurse with HIV and I can assure you that I attented straight patients with illnesses worse than HIV.

December 23, 2008

William Cox , LPN

I worked for four years in an HIV clinic, two years in a methadone clinic - any healthcare worker who can turn their back on any human in the name of religion needs to question their own concept of God! The adherents to religions which teach "love" but openly practice hatred are the "taliban" of America! It is time we had laws to protect all Americans from the "blood" religions of hatred!

December 23, 2008 Daytona Beach, FL

Glen Sutton

Once again we find laws being made by those claiming to be Christians or at least "conservatives" undermining the precious teachings of Christ. Maybe they need to go back and read Luke 10, vrs 25–37 and reacquaint themselves with what He says about compassion, mercy and loving one's neighbor. If they deny care for anyone... they defy Christ, and they defy God. Notice in the scripture that it is the priest and the Levite who Christ mentions show no mercy or compassion and turns their back.

December 23, 2008 Atlanta


Does that mean if I'm a letter carrier I can refuse to deliver mail to a house that gets playboy? If I am a fireman I can refuse to treat a accident victim who is drunk and driving? If I deliver gasoline I can refuse to deliver to a gas station that sells confederate flag T-shirts? If I wait tables I can refuse to serve you because you order meat and I am a vegan?

December 23, 2008 St. Petersburg


I think this is totally incorrect. If a health care working does not want to take part in any way with giving health care to those who are gay, etc, then they should not be in the health care field in the first place, so they need to just get out of it, otherwise, you take care of anyone no matter who they are and or what they have.

December 23, 2008

Bill P

If people in healthcare across a broad spectrum of jobs denies gays healthcare due to their conscience, I think it is only fair for all the gay personnel to decline giving heterosexuals any medical care! Works both if your wife, girlfriend, child, or anybody straight, can just lay there and suffer the consequences of the Bush Administrations "Dark Ages" mentality policy. I personally find heterosexuality repugnant as it has perverted pro-creation.

December 21, 2008 Coachella


Let's call the new law - Belief Systems (law). "BS" The government spend millions in plasmapheric centers for decades asking everyone to donate blood - it's "moral". Now they want to rescind ethical mode principles by invoking individual "BS" in an effort to restrict the method of delivery systems designated to promote better health in humanity. PFFT !

December 19, 2008 Brooklyn


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