Was Donald Trump Jr. triggered by an HIV-themed opinion piece on the gay website Queerty? The article in question, published November 17, was penned by David Hudson, and titled “What You Stand to Lose by Not Having Sex With People With HIV.”

In his thoughtful essay, Hudson praises the joys and values of long-term relationships and makes the case that it’s ridiculous to give those up simply because a potential partner is HIV positive. This is especially true, he notes, because we now know that an undetectable viral load is untransmittable (referred to as U=U) and because we also have pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a way to prevent HIV transmission.

That’s the argument that Hudson makes. What did Trump Jr. think of it? One doubts the author of Triggered even bothered to read the Queerty essay. Instead, as we approach World AIDS Day, December 1, he took to social media to troll the HIV community and stoke stigma. In a retweet of the Queerty article, Trump Jr. simply tweeted: “Well I can think of one thing.”

Needless to say, the Twitterverse responded as expected: Those who took Trump Jr.’s side and those who took the (mostly) higher road. We especially like the readers who pointed out that Trump Jr.’s stigmatizing tweet counteracts the stated goals of his father’s plan to end HIV in the United States. (To learn more about that initiative, read “What Do We Know About Trump’s HIV Plan for America” and “Plans to End the HIV Epidemic at Home and Abroad.)

Below are a few of the more enlightened responses to Trump Jr.’s tweet.