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CRISPR and LASER ART Eliminate HIV in Mice

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I dont agree with the writer that current ARVs are well tolerated. They each have side effects which are not good at all for the people taking them.

July 9, 2019 Nairobi


It would be useful for these sort of articles to be digested and explained in plain English, without acronyms, for the average reader like myself to understand the subject. Thank you.

July 9, 2019 Boston


Not that this isn't good news but....we've heard many things many times before. Yes, I'm cynical about these advances and with good reason. A 29% success rate on brand new method isn't the magic bullet. It'll come, of that I'm sure. And maybe this is it after tweaks and additions to the process. As a long term survivor I've witnessed great advancements in this. Was a time we were dying by the hundreds, today it's much, much less. But this particular treatment is a ways off right now.

July 9, 2019


I would love to be part of this clinical trial. I'd take a one in three chance at a cure as long as there's no placebo group. I still believe we need a multi-pronged vaccine in addition to these other cure strategies. We should hit it with everything we got to make sure the virus is unable to come roaring back. Also, I thought the new CRISPR cas3 was a better method than cas9? We need a detailed article about this.

July 8, 2019 OKC


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