The city of Dallas is proposing a $325,000 cut in HIV outreach, education and prevention funding in response to its $190 million budget deficit, the Dallas Voice reports.

According to Karen Rayzer, director of the city’s Environmental and Health Services Department, proposed budget cuts include more than $100,000 from two programs serving minorities and low-income clients at AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN), plus $58,500 from a program serving minorities at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, $44,000 from a program serving minority adolescents at the Urban League of Greater Dallas, $75,000 from a program serving Latinos at the Resource Center Dallas and $44,000 from an epidemiologist at Dallas County Health and Human Services.

“This is a primary piece of what we’ve been providing under outreach and prevention,” said Steven Pace, executive director of AIN. “The city has a huge reality to deal with, and we recognize that, but I hate that it has to come down to not funding something as vital as HIV.”

The council will receive the proposed budget in August, and the cuts would begin taking effect in October.