An AIDS charity and foster care facility in Dallas is struggling to get back on its feet after allegations of abuse at the center were dismissed.

Bryan’s House, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, underwent a five-month investigation after a 5-month-old boy was found to have a broken leg and collarbone during a routine medical exam. All 18 children who lived there were removed from the house during the investigation.

Since then, police determined that the injuries were not intentional, and that the broken leg probably happened while a medical worker was taking the boy’s temperature. The cause of the child’s broken collarbone has not been determined.

Though the state began placing children back in the center in August, and Carey D. Cockerell, commissioner of the state Department of Family and Protective Services, has spoken out in support of Bryan’s House, the center’s administrators say it will be difficult to regain the trust of its supporters after such allegations of abuse.

“The fear I have is that people will have a general memory that something bad happened,” said David Thomas, executive director of Bryan’s House.