When gay dating app Grindr began asking its users how they’d feel if they could filter the guys they see by HIV status, it set off alarm bells. As Mic reported, some men viewed the option as a “digital quarantine,” adding that it was “absolutely irresponsible of Grindr to help make HIV invisible to negative men.” Not everyone agrees. Commenting on POZ.com, many readers said they’d like the filter option.

Here’s a sampling of the conversation:

Terry Adam4Adam allows men to disclose their status in their profile. After many rejections from guys once I disclosed, I decided to check that “positive” box. I think Grindr should make that an option as well. Disclosing on the app could protect one from criminal charges: You have disclosed to everyone up front.


BigDavidO The issue of [HIV] discrimination on gay chat sites is a moot point, as everybody discriminates on the basis of their own criteria of “hot” or “safe.” I’d rather a “bullshitter” filter to make all the gameplayers invisible!


1birdwell Over 90 percent of the guys are having unsafe sex anyway. I’m so tired of having shame because I was unfortunate to contract this virus. But to discriminate on this app is ridiculous.


Coltrane Steelkirt As a person with HIV, I’d totally want that option. I want to hook up with people who are also HIV positive. I don’t want to have to hide something. Giving us the filter option makes both people aware up front.