Public high school students in Washington, DC, rejected free condoms on the basis that they didn’t like the brands, according to a new survey by the Youth Sexual Health Project that was reported on by USA Today.

The students preferred Trojan over Durex and Lifestyle brands. But the Department of Health uses Durex prophylactics in its school‐based free condom distribution program.

Youths “have very strong opinions about particular brands of condoms,” the researchers wrote. “These opinions…factually correct or not, play an important role in a youth’s decision to use a product.”

According to the article, teens surveyed felt Trojans “are of better quality and offer more protection,” and they believed that Durex condoms are likely to “pop and break.”

In addition, high school students also said condoms are too expensive to purchase, and they suggested that condoms should be free to everyone. Only a few survey participants knew where to get free condoms outside of school.