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Survey: DC Teens Refuse Certain Condom Brands, Even If Offered for Free

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There are many condoms available for you. Some better than others. Personally I use only Trojan because all other brands break especially Lifestyles. I have had only 1 trojan break in ten years. I am HIV + and using a condom i know will break every time is unexceptable! Is it craftsmanship or shape and size of a man's penis cut or uncut or lubricant or lack of to blame for failed condoms? Bottom line is if kids dont like it or trust it they wont use it.

October 28, 2009 SE NM


I wonder if the TROJAN so-called 'public health' marketing tour across the country, geared towards youth, had anything to do with this?!

October 27, 2009 Denver

Brian Davis

This is ridiculous. I have personally only bought one box of a dozen trojans and had two break. Almost everyone i know has had a trojan break on them at one time or another. am a FIRM believer in lifestyles i have used probably more than a thousand and never had one break. nWAKE UP kids

October 27, 2009 roopville


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