Successfully controlling HIV and keeping CD4 levels high may reduce the risk of death to that of the general population, Huffington Post reports. Publishing their findings in the journal AIDS, researchers from the University College London analyzed data on a group of almost 3,300 participants of the ESPRIT and SMART trials who did not inject drugs and were receiving antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.  

The entire cohort had undetectable viral loads and CD4 levels of at least 350. The average age was 43, and 80 percent of the group were men. Sixty-two participants died during the median three-year follow-up period. Cardiovascular disease or sudden death were the most common causes of death, at 31 percent of the total. Non-AIDS-defining cancers represented 19 percent of deaths. Two deaths were related to AIDS.

Those with CD4 levels between 350 and 499 were at a 77 percent greater risk of death compared with the general population. For participants with CD4s above 500, the risk of death was essentially the same as the general population.

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