A recent spike in new HIV diagnoses in California’s Coachella Valley has prompted the Desert AIDS Project (DAP) to seek additional funds for more testing resources from the Riverdale County Department of Public Health, The Desert Sun reports.

According to the article, DAP, which provides medical care and comprehensive support services to people living with HIV in the region, says that the Palm Springs area’s average rate of positive test results is about 5 percent, while one month last year it peaked at 15 percent.  DAP officials report that nearly all of the $25,000 allocated from the county for testing this fiscal year has been spent.

“We know that people change their behavior once they know that they are carrying the virus and go into treatment,” said David Brinkman, executive director of DAP. “The great way to prevent the spread of the virus today is to get everybody tested. We’re a huge part of the solution.”

Victoria Jauregui, the HIV/AIDS program chief for Riverside County, said that DAP may get a response for its additional funding request as early as next week.