Police in Texas have arrested a San Antonio man who allegedly killed his girlfriend after learning she may have HIV, San Antonio Express-News reports. Another woman told authorities that she witnessed the murder.

Justin Welch claims that Elisha Henson gave him oral sex while both were high on methamphetamines. Afterward, both of them went to the house of Rosalind Smith, who asked Henson if she had AIDS.

Smith claims Henson declined to answer and went into a car. Smith then claims she went into the house to use meth and then saw Welch get into the car. Smith allegedly then saw Henson “flaying her arms around” inside the car.

Smith claims that Welch then came into the house and told her, “She’s dead.” She also claims that Welch was the only person in the car with Henson. Police allege that Welch strangled Henson with an electrical cord.

Smith claims she helped Welch dispose of the body because she was worried about her safety. Smith alleges they drove to a river and Welch then dragged Henson into the woods. Welch claims he was concerned about HIV, but denies killing Henson.

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