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Employment Needs

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I volunteer 2 days a week, to try and keep myself sane, after 30 years, as one living with HIV/AIDS. Financially, and somewhat socially I struggle. I have considered trying to re enter the workforce, but with such a gap in employment, and the thought of jeopardizing the benefits I get that help cover services I need to remain as healthy as I do, considering is as far as I get. I was not expecting to live beyond my initial prognosis, but now that I have, I am feeling stuck in the system.

July 22, 2019 Lebanon

Tony Baker

Highlighting the success of a person monetizing their own condition, establishing friendships with individuals of a subset of a subset population hardly seem realistic for the great majority of people over 50 with HIV. What are the numbers for those that have been able to really thrive, not file bankruptcy and still be tormented by business, medical, life insurances, transportation, utilities, personal care providers, internet, phone providers, support animals and their care? Contact me for clar

July 10, 2019 New Orleans Louisiana


Hello, I am HIV positive since 1994, Have not worked since but I would love to work part time to help support my basic needs. I am in Houston Texas wondering if this program will be coming to Houston anytime soon. I have been doing healing art as part my therapy for depression. I get sales every once and awhile but really consistent. So if you have any advice for it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

July 9, 2019 Houston


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