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Empowering Entrepreneurs

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This is an exemplary piece that really makes me feel to thread with you guys. I am based in Eldoret Kenya and this your message to us women elates my spirit and make me feel that l am not alone. it will be to my pleasure that when you come to Africa, make a connection with us as we also have network of women living with HIV and it would be to our advantage to get to know you.

March 5, 2014 ELDORET, KENYA

Joe Monroe

Common Thread is great that someone with long term AIDS can become an entrepreneur. I think about all who were at the height of their career and stopped by AIDS. How can some of us return to our businesses when we have lost a decade and all we need is a hand up not hand out? We lost so many creative people to AIDS and we are losing more creatives who are alive each day as we are not finished with our work but we need someone to believe in us. So many smart people out there.Don't lose us.Help us.

February 18, 2014 SantaFe N.M.


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