Earlier this year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a blueprint to end the AIDS epidemic in New York State by 2020. The initiative aims to identify HIV-positive New Yorkers who are unaware of their status and to reduce the estimated annual number of HIV transmissions from about 3,000 in 2013 to 750 in 2020. Minnesota and Washington have also committed to similar goals of ending the AIDS epidemic in their states. POZ recently asked for your thoughts about these initiatives. Here are your responses.

49% of you were aware that New York, Minnesota and Washington had announced plans to end the AIDS epidemic in their states.

of you believe these initiatives to end the AIDS epidemic will be successful.

How much do you think HIV-related stigma hinders your state’s ability to end the AIDS epidemic?
60% Significantly hinders
30% Somewhat hinders
10% Does not hinder

If an initiative to end the AIDS epidemic were announced in your state, how likely would you be to advocate on its behalf?
61% Very likely
29% Somewhat likely
10% Not very likely

How would you rate your state’s current efforts to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS?
12% Excellent
30% Good
30% Fair
28% Poor

Compared with other health problems in your state, what priority should be given to ending the AIDS epidemic?
84% High priority
14% Medium priority
2% Low priority