The UK is the only country with a glossy magazine totally devoted to defying conventional wisdom about the cause, testing and treatment of AIDS. Continuum, a bimonthly produced since 1992, has often given voice to the most controversial scientists and activists. In the process, it has sometimes promoted dogmatists, conspiracy theorists and commentators with an infuriating disdain for the treatment choices of many PWAs. 

No doubt certain claims given prominence in Continuum are irresponsible. Consider: That HIV isn’t really a virus at all; that it may be a virus but has nothing to do with making people ill; that whatever is making people ill with AIDS isn’t infectious; that HIV antibody tests are meaningless; and that most AIDS-related pharmaceutical treatments (from PCP prophylaxis to protease inhibitors) are worthless, poisonous or both.

But the magazine has won the harts of many PWAs who have done well by staying skeptical of the medical establishment; they appreciate Continuum holistic approach to the disease. Even some critics grant the mag grudging respect for its scholarship. Many of its scientific articles, penned by university-based researchers from around the world are heavily footnoted. And Continuum’s in-depth alternative-treatment information is often valuable, rooted in the self-empowerment tradition.

Love it or hate it, this dissident voice is always thought-provoking. To check out this uniquely contrary reporting on the epidemic, contact Continuum at Foundling Court, Brunswick Centre, London WCIN 1QE; phone: