Filmmaker and activist Leo Herrera has decided to create a documentary, set to be released in 2017, that looks at what the world would be like without AIDS. 

Here is Herrera’s description of the film:

Imagine a world where HIV never existed at
FATHERS is a sci-fi “documentary” by Leo Herrera that imagines an alternative universe where our queer artists and activists had lived. Who would they be today? What would our world be? Would we have a gay president? These are the questions FATHERS will explore in a film that can only be described as “ Looking meets Black Mirror meets Beyoncé’s Lemonade.” Please imagine this world by donating at (IndieGoGo).

The series of portraits featured in the film were created using Age Progression, a technique used by law enforcement to find missing children. The aging is achieved through collage: the hairline of a movie star, for example, or hand-drawn wrinkles and gray hairs. Each portrait took approximately 40 hours to create. 

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