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FDA Approves Juluca, the First Two-Drug HIV Regimen

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As with any drug, there are some who will benefit and some who won’t. Juluca for my friend is causing him organ failure of his liver and kidneys. He has stopped taking it and is doing a little better. We must all must be aware of the signs our bodies are telling us when a drug is not good for us. Research, reviews and listening to our bodies are the best tools.

January 17, 2018


010418 I have been on this drug for a month now. The nausea is almost gone after a month, the headaches only bother me when I am trying to go to sleep, but it is easy to sleep. Anyone that is on a HAART that is not working for them should try this drug. If you have anything negative to say about my comment, keep it to yourself. Thank you, J Butler

January 4, 2018 San Antonio, Tx


Uniden, I agree totally with Boogie on this. It's you who are confusing people, not the article. You don't give people much credit for the brain power they have. And to me the article is very clear anyway. People know how many pills they take each day. They also know when a pill contains more than one drug. It is explained to them. And it's all in the drug information leaflet that comes with the box. It's also written on the box!

December 24, 2017 UK


Spoke with my local pharmacist 12/18 about Juluca and confirmed that my insurer would cover it. Saw my primary 12/19 and left with a written prescription, as Juluca was not in their EMR yet. Took the prescription directly to the pharmacy and found that the bottle had just arrived—the pharmacist was sure that I would return, and she was as excited as me to see the pills!! Just 75mg total of effective ingredients will keep my critters suppressed. That’s compared to 2100mg total in 1998.

December 23, 2017 Bethesda, MD


What kind of sense does that make? So accuracy is misleading? For you, people's misconceptions about reality is what makes something misleading, not the intent of the writer. You just want something to complain about is what it seems. Most people don't think that. They know the difference between tablet and drug. Just because you made assumption that were incorrect doesn't make anything misleading. I'm taking two tablets ,which has less drugs that Genvoya. So they're not one in the same.

December 2, 2017


Boogie, it's way too accurate for regular people, that's why it's misleading. Most people who are on treatment take only ONE PILL. They don't don't think how many drugs are in it. We should talk about toxicity of these one pill a day regiments, instead of "do you prefer 2 drugs?", which most people interpret as 2 pills rather than 1 that they already take. Jenovya is less toxic than Stribild, and not this Julica is less toxic than Jenovya. This is a language that most people will understand.

December 2, 2017


The main problem with HIV meds that I've experienced is a serious diminution of kidney function. I now have Stage 3 Kidney Disease. Am attempting to diminish the deleterious impact of HIV meds on my kidneys by switching to Genvoya which has TAF (tenofovir alafenamide) instead of the older Tenofovir formulation which does harm kidneys. Still, this is a 4-drug combination. I'd definitely like to find a med with reduced toxicity while preserving my undetectable status. Best wishes, Jeff

November 29, 2017 Austin, TX


It's not misleading. It's actually accurate. It's a two drug regimen. It's a combo tablet, but the complete treatment regimen is two drugs, instead of 3 or more, which, before now was standard. So why are you complaining??

November 28, 2017


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