p. 27; “Coffee Talk

Drop by the WeHo Lounge a 8861 Santa Monica Blvd. To reach the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, call 213.860.5200. 

p. 28; “Blanket Denial

For information on the NAMES Project Foundation, give them a call at 415.882.5500. To view some of the AIDS quilt, click to www.aidsguilt.org. 

p. 80; “Slow the Flow” and p. 84; “Be True to Your Stool

To obtain fact sheets about HIV-related diarrhea, including such diagnostic measures as stool samples, call the Boston Buyers Club at 800.435.5586 or 617.266.2223.

p. 81; “Living on the Edge

The Protease Inhibitor Response Project is a website for reporting protease inhibitor failure, reachable at www.netcom.com/~protease. For questions about approved and experimental antiretrovirals, call the Project Inform Hotline at 800.822.7422 or 415.558.9051 or visit the Critical Path AIDS Project website at www.critpath.org.