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First-Ever Case of Spontaneous HIV Clearance Reported in Australia

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If a patient clears the virus before serious symptoms develop- then how would the patient or their doctors know such a clearance has taken place? Many people are never tested and experience no symptoms serious enough to make them seek medical care and they are usually not diagnosed POZ. If spontaneous viral clearance has happened, how would the patient ever know that they were free of a disease that they never knew they had?? Without testing, there’s no knowledge of the infection or the cure!!

July 9, 2019 Las Vegas


This is fascinating. Thank you POZ for keeping us informed. It feels like we're getting closer to eradicating new transmission with every passing day. Wouldn't it be so awesome if our bodies began to eradicate HIV all on their own. I day dream of a day of taking no pills. #HIVisNOTaCRIME

July 2, 2019 Nashville


I need to eat this man! But seriously, he needs to reproduce and pass those genes on. If only there was a way to alter those genes in all of us and free us from this nightmare.

July 2, 2019 Toronto


There are many factors at play here, but in theory, wouldn't a multi-pronged post-exposure vaccine, combined with steroids to slow down viral replication, remove the virus from the body? I realize steroids inhibit immune function over time but finding that sweet spot might be the golden ticket. The virus replicates too fast for most immune systems, and steroids inhibit the inflammation responsible for quickly pumping out more virus.

July 1, 2019 OKC


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