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Florida Governor Blocked $70M in AIDS Funds Amid State’s HIV Crisis

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What I see missing from this article is the reason the funds were declined. Before we all throw a hissy fit maybe there was good reason, such as conditions attached to the funds that would cause more harm to more people in the long run. I see this article as very biased in not telling the entire story. Any governor would welcome more money into their state, to reject it is a big deal....I wonder why it was rejected but apparently I'm in the minority for thinking this past a myopic agenda.

September 12, 2019


It is obvious how bias this news letter is. It is not Rick Scott’s fault that people choose to have unprotected sex. There is a lot of fraud with government grants in many agencies including the health department. I’ve seen firsthand how government workers love having the benefits But provide mediocre service.

September 12, 2019


It's amazing that my fellow Floridians keep voting for Rick Scott. He'd put us on an island if he could, while smirking shoving another buck in his pocket.

September 12, 2019 Florida

Elliot K

I’ve been here for 25 years. Been POSITIVE for 34 years. If it wasn’t for the health dept back then , I’m sure I wouldn’t be alive today . I’m a registered dem but honestly if Bush Jr didn’t pass part D I would be in a world of hurt today. There’s no excuse for Scott’s actions .

September 12, 2019 Orlando


Floridians know what type of man he is, yet he still won his elections. Similar to the Sarasota congressman who voted for the GOP tax plan benefiting the wealthy. After it passed, he used a foreign bank to finance a yacht. This guy still won reelection in 2018. These examples reveal the type of people who live in Florida and why I will never step foot in that state. These vile men are mirror images of the voters.

September 12, 2019 OKC


Rick Scott committed the largest case of Medicare fraud at the time. He took the 5th I don't know how many times. I'm surprised he was even allowed to run for political office. He's a crook. He's also a typical Republican with the attitude, "I've got mine, screw you." He may also have the Reagan philosophy, AIDS is killing all of the 'right' people, so the less done, the better. I can't believe he' ran and won for Senator. Wake up Floridians!

September 12, 2019 Davenport, FL


What a piece of human s*%t vote this f*%*ker out!

September 12, 2019 California


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