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Freddie Mercury Bio Links the Rock Star to AIDS “Patient Zero”

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I’m a 50 something heterosexual woman and I absolutely loved this book! I have read several other books about Freddie Mercury but this is the only one I recommend. It brought back the terrifying beginning of AIDS to the terrible sadness of so many lost. I hope you continue your writing career. I’ll check to see if you have written anything else.

March 3, 2022 Atlanta


Worked closely with those who had it in each of its stages. Read "and the band played on" and saw its effects before and after. Some of the bravest people I have ever known had HIV or AIDS they are not really different from anyone else we know. Also had a hetero encounter with a beautiful blonde whose baby about nine months later was positive. For a while that window in life seems a lot smaller, going through tests to see if you have it, lifestyle choice afterwords...

April 11, 2020 USA


It was late 1984 when FM said he was not changing his behavior to Gambaccini and where were they? At a gay club! Because they had not yet been shut down like they were the next year in 1985--the year Freddie DID drastically change his behavior. (I've read bios.) He might not have been among the first to come to his senses but he did about the same time that the rest of the population did. It was not until 87 that the Uk & US even began their big educational campaigns about AIDS.

January 24, 2020


I met Freddie in a club in CC Philadelphia, Pa in 1977/78. He was sitting next to me at the bar and one of us must have said hello. Nice chat, at some point I asked what he was doing in the States. He said he was working. (I had never heard of him or Queen). We were in a DISCO & I was into Disco music. Just a nice guy that I chatted with for an hour at a Club. Jim Young, Palm Bay

June 5, 2019 Palm Bay, Fl


In the early days of HIV, men like Gaetan knew the risks & cause of HIV. Due to their sexual pleasure taking precedence over humans, they hid. In doing so, they took so much valuable info to their grave. THAT is why Patient zero is in fact a huge piece of this puzzle. As much destruction as they did just to cum, there is NO reason to offer sympathy for their existance as they left millions in their wake. After a 29 yo battle, I have the right to blame Gaetan if I want. This WAS preventable

January 28, 2019 New York


I wonder if the word "bisexual" ever occurred to the authors of Freddy Mercury's biography. Just saying....

January 21, 2019


Please please stop buying into the propaganda that there was a patient zero. Anyone with any education and knowledge about viruses understands there was MEVER JUST a patient zero. It had to do with a mutation in the hepatitis vaccination that was being offered to select groups. Again, please do your research before you publish something like that to the public. You’re only making the stigma of how this all started even worse. And supposedly your mission statement is to help

December 22, 2018 Fl


Why keep beating the "patient zero" myth? Even if it were true, that a promiscuous flight attendant had many sexual encounters all over the world, there were surely many gay flight attendants, and their behavior wasn't different from the rest of us during that time period, before we knew anything about this emerging epidemic or how it was transmitted. "Blaming" patient zero is like George HW Bush blaming all of us for our behavior. Stop the conjecture, please!

December 13, 2018 San Francisco


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