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Why Are Gay Men on PrEP Denied Disability and Life Insurance?

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Poz folks get shut out of these types of insurance too, and there is some pretty shaky reasoning behind it. Maybe if “Poz magazine” actually gave a hoot about Poz people that’d be the topic of discussion. As it is, we’re subjected to this garbage which tries to paint PrEP use as some sort of protected minority status. Lame, pandering article that forsakes both this magazine’s mission and basic objectivity. I’m honestly embarrassed on behalf of Poz Magazine.

February 23, 2018 Portland, OR


Why would someone on prep qualify for disabililty to begin with?

February 21, 2018 Georgia


Historically insurance has denied coverage for women.Modalities related to sexual health, birth control etc. E.D. drugs for men, covered. Is this a shock that gay men are being discriminated against? Not really. Having lived with h.i.v. 34 years. Everything insurance related has been probably some of the biggest challenges personally. As sexual behavior and lines are blurred ( str8 men seem to enjoy anal sex, or a lot of them), it's a matter of time unfortunately. We gotta legislate this folks.

February 21, 2018 Honolulu Hawaii


Why,.. just critically thinking, if I was to sell a policy to a person ,I want my odds in favor, to pay out. I think in the business world they are stating High Risk, if the person decides not to take their Prep and keep the unprotected sex going on with HIV people. Hence high risk. I think they have the right to manage their policy, not fair , not very cool, but business in the Insurance World, I have learned, in being denied coverage, as an HIV person for life insurance.

February 17, 2018 Jacksonville


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