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Generation PrEP?

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Cost is the major factor in all of this. And the cost is considerable. It can't be ignored. Michael1 suggests the obvious way forward - the using of generic meds instead of expensive branded ones.

April 17, 2018 UK


Since November 2017 the NHS in Scotland has been providing generic PrEP instead of a very expensive Truvada. The Scottish Medicines Consortium asked the manufacturer of Truvada to come along to court to dispute the cost of the medication and the prescribing of a generic. Gilead did not show up so the Scottish court system ruled in favour of the SMC. Since November 2017 we have been using a generic with no problems. I was also part of a writing group for a resource called Buying PrEP online

April 12, 2018 Scotland

in Toronto

Americans have got to sort out their health care - it makes them all look like The Purge is real.

April 11, 2018 Canada


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