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George Barasa

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David Frankham

"I am known as Joji Baro, which is a short form of George Barasa. About five years ago, I was the first person to come out on national television in Kenya as both gay, and HIV positive." This is not factually true. Others did it years before Baro.

January 25, 2018 Kenya


Dear blkswift, Thank you for your response. I tried to comment with my contacts but I was unable because of the rules of posting but the names I have used George Barasa and Jojibaro are easily found across facebook, twitter and instagram you can always follow me there for further conversation. Thank you, Jojibaro

January 24, 2018


Your humanity shines through every word that you used to describe the life you are living in Kenya. Let us know how we can assist you in your efforts to serve others and maintain your own safety. We are all brothers united by the nature of sexual identity and health circumstances.

January 20, 2018 Atlanta, Ga


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