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George H.W. Bush Is Not Fondly Remembered by AIDS Activists

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I think this article is disgusting. Bush took more fundamental measures in addressing the epidemic than his predecessor! And the signing of the Ryan White Care Act was commendable. And let's not forget the awareness raising role of Barbara Bush! As a participant with ACT-UP Atlanta in the 80's, I was angry too! But to now make such heinous comments about a genuinely decent man on his passing, shows where lack of true decency lies! Let's all hope we're remembered for more than our shortcomings!

December 7, 2018 Atlanta


Doesn't he deserve credit for signing the Ryan White CARE Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act? Republicans will always prioritize military funding over social services, NIH, CDC, etc... Referring to him as a serial killer is extreme. Ten years into the epidemic, you should know to use a condom. I would suggest monogamy, but I've never met a gay man who could be loyal.

December 6, 2018 OKC


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