Asia Russell is the new executive director at Health GAP (Global Access Project) and Jamila Headley is the new managing director, according to a press release from the HIV/AIDS organization. Health GAP’s previous leader, Jennifer Flynn, is returning to VOCAL-NY as its executive director.

Health GAP is a U.S.-based organization that focuses on eliminating barriers to affordable HIV treatment across the world, mostly in undeveloped countries such as those in the global South.

Russell was part of the group of people who founded Health GAP in 1999. She worked as a community organizer and treatment activist in Philadelphia and served as Health GAP’s director of international policy. Currently, she is based in Uganda where she focuses on human rights, HIV, LGBTI and sexual health issues.

Headley, who is from the island of Barbados, previously worked at Open Society Foundations. For her new role, she will work out of the United States and manage Health GAP’s organizational and financial matters.