A 1,200 square foot section of the AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display at Virginia’s George Mason University (GMU) on December 1, World AIDS Day, to honor those lost to AIDS, The Washington Post reports.

The day-long commemoration, part of the school’s HIV Awareness Week, will include free testing and a speech by 25-year-old AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent—who appeared on the October 1997 cover of POZ when she was 13. Names on the more than 100 panels on display will be read aloud.

“We recognize the solemnity of this day and hope to educate people about the dangers of AIDS while also paying tribute to the millions who have died from the disease,” said Gary Kreps, chairman of GMU’s communications department and one of the event’s organizers. Because Mason is one of the most diverse universities in the country and because of our close proximity to Washington, DC, which has one of the nation’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS incidence and mortality, this is an issue of particular importance to our university community.”