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Grindr Asks Users If They Want to Filter Guys by HIV Status

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I feel like grindr should have this option available. As poz can filter friend to be more open to public because of the stigma between public

May 4, 2019 Malaysia


Really? Hold back the option of filtering HIV? Why not? Do you enjoy spreading the virus? Having men meet up not knowing their status. It's safer and more responsible knowing each other's status. Pretty fucking ignorant to not have a option to filter for our poz and neg community's

August 26, 2017


I know for a fact that in Kentucky local law enforcement is using Grindr to find and arrest gay men. They put up a profile without a pic.& lure people to or near then ambush arrest them. When I was arrested for a DUI I was having a couple conversations while waiting on a friend. I was not under the influence. The officer at the jail had his phone on grindr with no pic talking to several people.

June 13, 2017


The news is not the survey, the news is that now they implemented it on the Grindr APP which is unacceptable and a shame. Delete grindr from your phones, they must get the message from us. Serosorting is a wrong strategy and promotes HIV growth: 72% of new HIV infections come from undiagnosed people that think they are negative, says CDC. Undetectable HIV people Do Not Transmit HIV: IAS2015 (International Scientific Consensus of Vancouver.

December 23, 2016


Why the fuss? You can already select 'Poz' as one of the numerous tribes (along with Twink, Bear, Jock etc). I often filter this way to see if there's any HIV+ guys around. And the implementation of a drop-down style selection for serostatus will by necessity include an 'Ask Me' option or something similar. By no means would it allow an HIV free grinding experience. As an HIV+ guy, it wouldn't phase me in the least whether they do or do not implement this.

September 8, 2016 Australia


Sometimes Guys with HIV only want to Exclusively have Sexual Encounters with Other HIV Positive Men. In the flip~ I can understand a Person with "HIV Negative Status" Wishing to Believe Every Guy on the Grindr Dating Site is Knowledgeable and Honest about Their Status of Negative only wanting to hookup with Men they Perceive as Safe. Ignorance Offers Mental Peace.

August 2, 2016 Portland, Oregon


Michael Jones, I'm curious, how does one know when someone is "obviously HIV+". What an outrageous statement! I challenge you to do a test w/ a line up of a mix of guys who are neg or poz. I'll do it with you! POZ editor, this sounds like it could be a great article / experiment!

August 1, 2016 NYC


Having a filter like this is BULLSHIT! It only furthers the stigma that one already struggles with. The rule of thumb is "assume" every person is HIV+ and make decisions acc'gly. I can also imagine some guys answering "HIV-" when they are +. And this opens the door for possible lawsuits! SMH

August 1, 2016 New York


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