A medical-malpractice lawsuit has been filed against HarlemHospital in New York City for misdiagnosing a patient with HIV, the New York Post reports.  

According to the article, the patient, Maria Osorio, 54,went to the hospital for its discounted mammogram screening. After Osorio accepteda free cheek swab and blood test for sexually transmitted infections, a nursediagnosed her with HIV.  

Osorio blamed her husband of 37 years, Gabriel Lezcano, forher testing HIV positive. Lezcano denied being HIV positive, even after thehospital called a few days after Osorio’s diagnosis to tell her that thedisease was advanced. 

About three weeks after her diagnosis, the hospital calledOsorio to tell her she was not HIV positive. She claims that no one hasadmitted a mistake or apologized. 

Osorio told the Postthat she suffered immense emotional damage as a result of the diagnosis, evenconsidering suicide.