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A Test of Kindness

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I all ready make a coment on maria story, wonderfull, I dont know how and were to make a coment regarding Obama Care, did you really think that any any any of the Obama Care will pay $2,338,90 for my meds. every month. (stribil)for the rest of my life with, 28 years living whit HIV. can you answer that, I dont think sooooooooo, thanks I am very looky to have a job that offered ins. other wise no way jose that i will get meds whit Obama Care, have a great day.

October 31, 2013 miami

Butch McKay

You are truly amazing and your story is your strength. Thank you for making it your mission to support and protect others. Your passion is complemented by your compassion. Your greatest achievemnt has been met many times over and will continue to repeat itself. You are an angel to so many Maria. May love continue to sustain you and push you to greatness.

October 29, 2013 Ft. Walton Beach, FL


maria que muchas bendiciones parati siempre, eres un ser especial con una fuerza espiritual increible, me identifico con tus experiencia, fortaleza y esperanza,ejemplo a seguir, gracias, gracias, y que el dios de tu entendimiento te de larga vida para que otros seres humanos se ayuden con tu testimonio y podamos ver la cura o alguna vacuna que sea efectiva para no tener que tomar diariamente medicina, sin conocerte en persona te admiro y te quiero mucho, gracias grcias, gracias

October 29, 2013 miami


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