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High Satisfaction Among Users of Monthly Injectable HIV Treatment

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HIV Since 1995

STAGGERING! One of the most important developments in the way patients will be treated for HIV in the future and NOBODY has a comment except myself? I understand that many websites have a problem with their comments section. Trolls, arguments and rudeness can make various comments section useless and take up valuable time from the website's staff to monitor comments.'s comments section is a ghost town and the website is doing nothing to encourage at least some reader participation.

August 3, 2019

HIV Since 1995

I see little benefit and a great downside to monthly injections versus daily pills. All disaster planning for hurricanes, earthquakes, and any need to evacuate always say to bring extra prescription medications. If a disaster struck, there would be no way to bring any backup medication a patient had. Also, it makes leaving for a vacation or extended stay away almost impossible if the trip interferes with the next injection. As the med levels drop in the blood drug resistance would be assured.

July 31, 2019


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