PosorNot.com—an online game aimed to offer HIV education developed by mtvU and Kaiser Family Foundation in partnership with POZ—was played 5.1 million times by 400,000 people in the first three weeks after its launch, The New York Times reports (nytimes.com, 5/19).

The site challenges visitors to determine whether individuals featured on the site are HIV positive or not based on a photograph and a brief biography. According to the article, it is mtvU’s second example of what the MTV offshoot’s general manager Stephen K. Friedman calls “games for change.” The first online game produced by MTV, released in 2006, was DarfurisDying.com.

“Looking at the statistics that one in four people who are HIV positive in the U.S. don’t know it, it’s pretty staggering,” Friedman told the Times. “We hope that something like this will get under their skin.”

To play the game, click here.