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Male Circumcision Doesn't Reduce Women's HIV Risk

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James Loewen

Attempts to link HIV infection to genital cutting fail to factor in the false sense of security when its believed the risk of transmission with a circumcised man is less. For that reason male circumcision doesn't reduce women's HIV risk, it far more likely increases it.

February 7, 2008 vancouver


Well first I got to say it is just stupid to me that we are spending money on weather a flap of skin does or does not prevent HIV/AIDS! I think we should know by know that if you have sexual intercourse (vaginal/Anal)with out protection you can get it. Weather the penis has the foreskin or not. I also would like to say that even with a condom it is not a 100% thing. There is breakage factors As well remember that precum is a fluid that can carry HIV/AIDS as wellas cum.

February 7, 2008 Orlando


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