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An HIV Clinic Changes Its Name and Upsets Its Clients

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It's not just the name change that is upsetting most HIV/AIDS patients. It's the fact that the clinic which was originally established to exclusively assist people with HIV/AIDS is now just another community health clinic that is open to all. Those with HIV/AIDS now have to compete for limited healthcare services in a sanctuary state like California.

January 7, 2018 Sacramento

Ryan says

I've been a patient at CARES in Sacramento for 15 years. The quality of care has definitely declined for those of us with HIV and it's difficult to obtain an appointment since the clinic converted to a community health center. The waiting room now is always crowded with people that have issues besides HIV. It's so discouraging!

January 6, 2018 Sacramento


I understand how clients can become a part of their establishment and it feels like your home has been invaded. However clients don’t often get to see the legislative changes that negatively affect competitive funding options. Unfortunately, For HIV agencies to stay solvent and afloat in this day and age they have to reinvent their services...which can be misunderstood. They are doing whatever is needed to keep the doors open.

December 26, 2017 Dallas Texas

glenna mccarthy

The name associated with the clinic is still very controversial but I do relate to feeling that you are being forgotten? When you have gone to a clinic that is strictly for HIV positive people for decades and now it is overcrowded with all kinds of issues it does change the atmosphere. I have been HIV since 1990 and sometimes you can get attached to a place you can go where everyone is sharing the same struggle.

December 14, 2017 NYC


I have been HIV + for 10 yrs and an AIDS diagnosis for 8yrs. My clinic also went through a rebranding because it no longer serves HIV+ people exclusively. It has become a community healthy center with primary care services. A lot of patients were not thrilled with it and still are not. I sat on the board for 2.5 years and understand the necessity for the change. HIV is achronic illness no longer a death sentence. So it gets treated as such especially in regards to funding,

December 9, 2017 Rochester, NY


our ASO changed to a FQHC which entailed a name change (which didn't even have HIV or AIDS in the name) and dropped the red and ribbon in the logo. With the addition of 100's of negative patients, the staff (mainly medical) changed to an ever-changing parade of practitioners and many of the clinic's policies were always in flux. Quite of number of us who had been patients for years (who felt the same feeling of being cast aside) decided to travel 30+ miles to find new health care providers.

December 7, 2017 SC


People need to STOP using the term AIDS when they're referring to HIV treatment. They are not the same. HIV is not AIDS. Having HIV does not mean that one has AIDS or necessarily will ever get AIDS. Using "AIDS" interchangeably with HIV and/or a treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus feeds public misunderstanding, hysteria, and the stigmatization of people who have been infected with the virus.

December 6, 2017 austin, tx


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