The number of HIV-related deaths in Bali’s Kerobokan State Penitentiary has increased during the past year, The Jakarta Post reports.

According to a recent report from the prison’s HIV/AIDS task force, the death rate of inmates infected with the virus has gone up from three in 2006 to six in 2008.

“We usually give them some level of health treatment inside the prison, but it’s more often that they came in with extremely deteriorated health conditions,” says Agung Gde Hartawan, head of the Kerobokan task force. He also adds that the high mobility of prisoners makes it difficult for the task force to provide HIV-positive inmates with adequate treatment.

Established in 2002 to minimize the spread of HIV within the prison, the HIV/AIDS task force supplies inmates with antiretroviral drugs, provides HIV testing and educates prisoners on how to prevent HIV transmission.