An evangelical organization called The Children’s AIDS Fund (CAF) in Uganda received $1.5 million in U.S. federal funding in June 2014, bringing the total to $6.6 million since Obama’s second term, according to reporting by Andy Kopsa in The Nation.

CAF was founded by U.S. evangelicals Shepard and Anita Smith and is allegedly ill-suited to deliver health and HIV/AIDS programming, according to Kopsa, because of its conservative, anti-gay, anti-condom viewpoints.

As Kopsa writes:

CAF’s sway over the U.S.’s global AIDS response goes beyond program implementation. In April, Dr. Deborah Birx became the highest-ranking government official in charge of U.S. efforts to combat global AIDS when she was appointed global AIDS coordinator, an ambassador position housed at the State Department. According to PEPFAR [President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief] estimates, Birx is responsible for overseeing the distribution of approximately $6.5 billion in PEPFAR funds around the globe.

Just eight years ago, Birx was serving on CAF’s board of directors alongside the Smiths.… In 2012, Birx, then working with the Centers for Disease Control, and a number of other U.S. government officials participated in a conference call with Ugandan LGBT activists, who reported—as they had previously—that organizations funded by PEPFAR to deliver HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention were drumming up support for the notorious anti-gay bill. One of the organizations the activists highlighted was CAF, which has close ties to an ex-gay ministry called He Intends Victory. Ex-gay pastor and He Intends Victory president Bruce Sonnenberg sits on CAF’s board of directors and has for nearly a decade—meaning he would have overlapped with Birx on the board.

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