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HIV Drug Isentress Could Fight All Herpes Viruses

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wow,my health was terrible,i had sick having HERPES,and HIV (i even thoought i had seizure) and my cholesterol was pretty high. was affected too, i just didn't feel ''in the mood '' and yeah since i am a man i was getting worried because its not normal for a still young (i am only 50)man not to feel like you want to have sex and those problems .i was really shy to talk about it with other people because i thought they would make fun of me or judge me calling me smelling shit or stuff like that

August 12, 2018 usa


Both HSV1 and HSV2 can cause “genital herpes”. Up to 80% of Americans have HSV1, which is usually associated with “cold sores” around the mouth, but can also be transmitted to the genitals via oral sex. Up to 30% of new cases of genital herpes are due to HSV1 – and most of the time, it’s been transmitted via oral sex. Since most people (up to 80% of Americans) have HSV1 – whether or not they ever have noticeable cold sores – and since most people do not use any sort of “protection” during oral

May 16, 2017 USA


I have genital herpes. I am a willing participant when you come up with a cure for sure! This has definitely worsened my clinical depression!

October 2, 2011 Indianapolis

Craig Brown

I had shingles in January of this year along with being diagnosed with AIDS with a CD4 of 6. The Shingles cleared up and then in March I started my HIV med Atripla. Brought my viral load from 70,000 to about 50 in a month and cd4 up to 50. However I was hospitalized for low potasium levels. My eye started to have persistent throbbing and stabbing pain. I was never confirmed as to what was going on. The pain lasted for about a week and then went away.Was put on Valcyte but have lost my vision

July 15, 2011 Houston


I've been taking raltegravir for three years. My herpes simplex outbreaks, which I've had for over a decade, haven't changed in frequency or intensity. Obviously I'm just one person and not a randomized controlled trial, but I'd be curious to hear what other peoples' experiences are.

December 8, 2010


you know what i been reading everything this is great but how much can 50 million people with this put their hope up and wait... how much longer i donated about 5,000 dollars to everything claiming to find cures im so young and it ruined my life i have severe back problems because of it and really its taken an impact on me and i have no health insurance so just imagine and every site o we r a step closer that was said 5 years ago more than that, tearing i wish i could cure it

November 10, 2010 bronx


I am interested in this research. My finace has herpes and I of course risk being infected. Can you keep me informed about the progress of this development. Thank you.

October 20, 2010 Walnut Creek


This is great news. Especially to the thousands of people with this illness! I believe that it is very harsh to discourage or demolish hope by posting harsh words. So what if it is not a cure. Its a step towards progress on the fight for the cure. Never lose hope because that is all we have. There will be a cure and when there is, you will be stronger than ever before. You are already stronger than the average joe from living with this problem everyday. Never lose hope.

October 10, 2010


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