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HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day 2018

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Ingrid Higueros

I never disclose my status,for the reason my family felt it not good,but I understand my family. I had been infected since 1990,for me it was devastating,I never knew I was going to get the virus...Those days were so hard and scared,I lost my uncle in 1995 complication of Aids,I thought I was next,but been scared I made it,during having H.I.V sometimes I have ups and down,is a struggle feeling sometimes sad or depressed... Is hard but we had to fight every day,every second,every month,and every

June 25, 2018 California


The need for a movement is obvious. I, for example, was on the first tri-therapy drug trial but my doctor waiting for it to start, wanted me treatment-naive and, as a result, got sick, lost weight and even had Karposki's, etc. The good results were immediate (thank the Lord!) but now I am 75 and healthy. But now I see that those my age are many times more likely to have serious medical issues. I am in a group that obviously needs special control and this needs immediate attention everywhere.

June 9, 2018 Paris


Am proud to be a long term survivor. With 29 years and 9 months .I never saw this coming but now that it here Wow .There so many strides being made in the fight. That makes me proud of my existence and my illness. Someday are easy and other are hard. But am here. In September I will have 30 years and I plan on getting some pearls as a gift to myself. Take myself out and ceilbrate... Am enjoing life now ...

June 7, 2018 Brooklyn


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