Both U.S. presidential candidates promise to improve global health by boosting funds to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria around the world, Voice of America News reports.

According to the article, an Obama administration would recruit the world’s top industrial nations to implement strategies of the Health Infrastructure 2020 proposal, which would reverse the migration of medical professionals from developing countries by offering to train those committed to aiding their own communities.

“I have a grandmother who lives in a little village in Africa without running water or electricity that has been devastated by HIV/AIDS [and] that is constantly affected by malaria,” Obama told the ONE Campaign for global health. “These are things I understand intimately and personally, and we are going to make development around the world a top most priority for the Obama administration.”

Meanwhile, Senator McCain told the ONE Campaign, “I would continue many of the programs the Bush administration is carrying out, [such as] continuing funding for combating HIV/AIDS, encouraging people like [U.S. billionaires and investors] Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to continue to engage in the magnificent way they are with the billions of dollars effort.”

According to VOA News, both candidates agree global education is key to increase incomes, reduce poverty and stem the spread of disease.