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L Priddy

I am now 45 and working on living w/HIV for 20+. Wanting to be elegant, graceful, and dignified, I instead, find myself soaked, moody, irritable, I haven't had my cycle for almost 3yr. The moon used to help diagnosis why I was so tired, vomited, moody, and my womaness. Goodbye moon, hello ocean. WE NEED RESEARCH! I will go anywhere for help, with menopause. Never know I would be gifted with these discomforts.

March 8, 2010 Crawford


Being positive for almost 1/2 of my life, (52 on 3/22) and never experiencing menopause before...I have nothing to compare it to, I was glad the night sweats were menopause and not HIV related...I guess if I can survive HIV, menopause for me is just another challenge among many life seems to come with! Keep your heads up and your fans nearby my sistas!!!

March 5, 2010 Buffalo, NY


Even though my Doctor is wonderful I still think that they still do not know what effects HIV has on us women. I would love to start a group for women over 45 to discuss these issues and see if we can't all put our heads together to get the clinical world to take us seriously.

March 3, 2010 Queens, New York


I have been poz for over 20yrs. Suffered the stigma that goes with it and survived 3 attacks of cervical cancer and eventually the uterus. At 45, without my women parts but still suffering through menopause. Loads of fun.... My docs had no plan and no idea what to do. Most just assumed I was a drug addict, which I am not, and most prescribed me meds that had horrible side effects that almost killed me. Double fun! Still have my humor, but still no doc who cares or wants to deal w/our needs

February 23, 2010 Las Vegas


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