36.9 million* people living with HIV worldwide

15.8 million* people on treatment worldwide

2 million* people newly infected with HIV worldwide annually

1.2 million* AIDS-related deaths worldwide annually

1.2 million* people living with HIV in the United States

1 million* infants born without HIV since 2003 thanks to mother-to-child prevention

50,000* HIV transmissions in the United States annually

35 years since the AIDS epidemic began

29 approved individual ARV agents

20 years since triple-combo ARV cocktails debuted

14 approved combination ARV tablets

6 approved single-tablet, once-a-day ARV regimens

5 approved ARV classes

4 approved double-combination ARV tablets

2 approved ARV boosters: Norvir (ritonavir) and Tybost (cobicistat)

*Numbers are estimates.