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PrEP Works: The Little Blue Pill That Could

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While this is good news for folks where education on condom use is poor or for people too wasted to know better this is IMHO potentially making things worse. How? More people think its safe to ride w/o helmet, been married 25 yrs. and had kids via sperm washing over 15 yrs, ago-i would never have sex w/spouse w./o condom. Sure if one breaks having the blue pill taken by her might decrease our fear and improve the experience-its the knuckleheads I worry for-56% is a huge gap from 100% Pharmahype?

January 10, 2011 boston, MA

Frederick Wright

Richard I do not think I am giving any advances to stereotype in using DDF for it is all in over the internet in our culture of communication or the term natural sex, ( which you may stereotype as safe sex) I am being up front in my communication and know this sterotypes (words) have no power over me any more for I face them, now and truly if one faces the fears of a word or words I believe honestty and freedom can happen within a journey. Yes DDF uses to make me mad, now it has no power of me

December 4, 2010 Tampa


"DDF"? Frederick, we're not all crank addicts, and they're not all sober. Way to perpetuate the stereotype, "brother".

December 1, 2010 Cleveland, OH



November 30, 2010 PADUCAH

Frederick Wright

Richard I think your out look is narrow minded in the approach of a pre exposure treatment option. You must understand that a lot of DDF folks like to have natural sex as in the past thousands of years. You must also understand the less folks becoming HIV more resources for ADAP folks. I don't understand why this is not just as acceptable as a HPV vaccine in the function of stopping a condition. I think it is progressive and could cause the price of Truvada to come down to a resonable price.

November 29, 2010 Tampa


Wow. People are being infected with HIV in alarming. Condoms have not provided an end to the epidemic. Why we can't pursue a cure for HIV while developing more effective prevention tools? The fact is that resources for treatment implementation, treatment research and prevention should all be fully funded and not pitted against each other.

November 29, 2010 SF, CA


Four thousand people languish on ADAP wait-lists and HIV cure researchers have taken to youtube to petition the public for funds. Meanwhile, the NIH uses OUR tax dollars to fund a study which will benefit people who choose to put themselves at risk. The only thing more bewildering than why the government has funded this study is the question of why everyone is excited, rather than infuriated.

November 29, 2010 Cleveland, OH

Danny-Ray Polson

Erick, I thought our goal was a cure, not a prevention. We already know how to prevent the spread of the virus. I have to agree with the Scotts; seems like a money maker for the pharmaceuticals. And no one seems to be concerned with what this will do to the supply of Truvada for those already taking the med. This news is more disturbing to me than encouraging.

November 26, 2010 St. Petersburg, FL


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