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PrEP Reduces HIV Risk in Two Major Studies

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Frederick Wright

Anthony, I hope you can understand that if 60 percent of new cases can be diverted form AIDS than this alone could stop millions of women and men from having HIV until they understand committed relationships. If your country had half the new HIV cases a year is that not a blessing. And if you add the microbocite gell with the treatment it up the odds to 100 percent. The 60 percent to me is about the same chances of staying alive on ARV, if your HIV. Come on man hope and progress.

July 20, 2011 Souther California


I somehow do not see why anyone would be excited by a 63% reduction in the chance of catching HIV.

When interpreted in another way,this means someone on Truvada as PREP takes a 37% chance at getting infected,not good odds

July 13, 2011 Kampala

Frederick Wright

I have been self titrating Atripla for sometime , first weekends off, every other week, then furhter out and furuther out. When I start to feel low on energy and other self factors,then I go back on Atripla as avaiable. The point is on my last rotation of titration a month off, I had labs scheudale and started back on Atripla 3 days before labs and was amazed to have a undectectable virial load. Which tells me that Atripla works very fast or in this limited self study has a lenthie cycle in me.

July 13, 2011 Southern California


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