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Which HIV Prevention Methods Are Most Cost Effective in Sub-Saharan Africa?

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HIV Since 1995

The lack of discussion on such an important topic is amazing. When will poz make its comments section more prominent? It's very common for there to be one or zero comments even on the breakthrough articles. Some very minor changes to the layout of the website and a less strict reCaptcha would encourage more comments. People with HIV often have insights that are helpful. Why does value them so little?

June 17, 2019

HIV Poz Since 1995

Circumcision is only effective, for the makers of the one time MALE GENITAL MUTILATION devices. Seriously? As compared to condoms? A MALE GENITAL MUTILATION costs hundreds of dollars. Condoms cost a few pennies After GENITAL MUTILATION condoms are still required. UniCirc (a one time use GENITAL MUTILATION device) says "that when combined with the proper use of a condom, circumcision is virtually 100% effective." Eating breakfast combined with the proper use of a condom is 100% effective.

June 11, 2019


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