A national HIV awareness campaign launched August 19 and called “HIV Stops With Us” promotes unity between HIV-positive and negative people in preventing the spread of the virus, MarketWatch reports.

The campaign is up-and-running in areas such as Boston and Long Beach and Alameda County, California, and includes billboards, transit ads and posters, which feature positive people and the negative people in their lives including friends, family, health care providers and partners.

“I am proud of the campaign for putting real faces on our AIDS epidemic,” says Rep. Barbara Lee (D–Calif.).

According to the article, the campaign will allow local health departments and community groups to customize messaging to ensure cultural relevancy and cooperation with regional support services.

Local partners include JRI Health/Boston Public Health Commission, The City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services and the Alameda County Public Heath Department. New York City, Los Angeles and Buffalo will soon join the prevention effort.