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Risks Remain for Late Treatment Takers

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I am from a small Upstate NY town, and was originally mis-diagnosed with respiratory failure and in a coma for 17 days. After spending an entire month in Intensive Care at a local Hospital, I was sent home( I lost 63 lbs). Well, 3 months later, I was rushed to the E.R. with shortness of breath, My oxymetry was down to 37%. The local Hospital sent me to the University Hospital 40 miles away. I was diagnosed AIDS and had a CD4 of 0, and VL off the charts.CD4 is now 800 VL undetectable for 8 years.

November 30, 2008


That is right Chaika! What a shame such rich contries do not offer free access to these drugs.

November 26, 2008 SP, Brazil


In the USA is NOT everyone that has FREE access to the HIV drugs/treatment, or at least they make it very difficult to get it, depending of many things, even their legal status. Other countries such UK, Brazil, Canadá, evem Mexico, treat anyone in need as a regular citizen.

November 21, 2008 Atlanta


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